morning prayer: 25

A prayer for the church today:

God, we come before you this morning in prayer – we humble our hearts and minds, place them at your feet. We say that word, God, and we pause to ask – who are you? In our world, we say “God” so many times – but who are you, God? You are the one who has revealed yourself to your people – the Lord Almighty. You are Father, Son, Spirit. You are the only wise God. Your creation declares your wisdom, power, and beauty. Your salvation shines with beauty, justice, and holiness. You hold eternity in your hand and are Lord of All. And over all of it you are good. Yes – you are God.

Humble our minds and hearts in worship today as we open your word together to see you in the light of your glorious truth. Shows us your strong power. Show us your great love. Expose the dark corners of our heart that we hide from you. Melt our rebellious wills that would rather run from you than be folded into your embrace. Make us today like the younger son who you draw home with a Father’s love. And when that first word of confession of our sin is on our lips, remind us that you dress us in righteousness of your son Jesus Christ.

We would see you this morning, Jesus. Open the eyes of our hearts that we might see by the gift of faith. Accept all our worship today in the name of your son, Jesus the Christ. We offer these gifts of prayer and praise, giving and going, glorifying you. I pray this on behalf of all this brothers and sisters of mine, Jesus, in your name – You who reign forever with the father and Spirit, one God forever more.